Officials & Contacts


Chairman: Ralph Guy – Tel. 01282 844940
Vice Chairman: Alan Butler – Tel. 01282 812022
Clerk: Elizabeth Stewart – Tel. 01756 794247 – 


The board meets at Earby Town Council offices on Victoria Road in Earby approximately 2-4 times per year. Details of the meetings will be published in advance on this site, with minutes published after each meeting.

Contacts with whom the IDB work:

Pendle Borough Council, Drainage Team (Peter Atkinson [HoD] Peter Sellers [Manager] / Luke Edwards)
Lancashire County Council (see list of members of Making Space for Water Group)
Earby Town Council (two members are on board as District Councillors
Salterforth Parish Council
Foulridge Parish Council
Kelbrook & Sough Parish Council
Yorkshire Water – specific site issues

Information Gathering:

Making Space for Water Group

ADA Magazine